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Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I entrust my life. Psalm 143:8 NIV

Welcome to Classis Quinte

Christian Reformed Church of North America Website

Who are we?
Classis Quinte is a family of Christian Reformed churches located between Pickering and Kingston, Ontario, Canada.  Delegates of this family of churches meet three times annually. Between those meetings the work continues through the Classis Ministries’ Committee and its executive.
What is our Purpose?
Accountability: From Scripture, the Confessions, and the Church Order of the Christian Reformed Church of North America, we understand the purpose of the local church is to worship the Triune God, serve our neighbours in love, reach out to the lost, incorporate the found into the Fellowship of believers, and disciple people in the ways of Jesus Christ.  Consequently, the purpose of Classis Quinte is to assist, resource, and enable its member churches to thrive in the five areas of Worship, Service, Outreach, Fellowship and Discipleship, both locally and regionally.
Shared Ministry: We utilize good stewardship of gifts and resources in collaborative ministries for the enrichment of witness and service in our region.
Denominational Affiliation: We nurture a vital relationship between our churches and denominational institutions and agencies.
What Do We Do?  Classis Quinte seeks to
 Provide governance for the member churches as indicated in the Church Order,
 Provide ministry networking (inspiring, supporting, equipping, encouraging and providing accountability) for and between member churches and shared ministries in the areas of worship, outreach, service, fellowship and discipleship.
What are our Values? In obedience to the Lord of the church, Classis Quinte encourages its churches and ministries to pursue these five values
  1. Worship - We celebrate God’s presence.
  2. Service – We demonstrate God’s love
  3. Outreach – We communicate God’s Word.
  4. Fellowship – We incorporate God’s family.
  5. Discipleship – We educate God’s people.