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Classis-Supported Ministries
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Outreach Ministries
1.  Classis Quinte Home Missions Committee
     Methods (excerpt from CQ Rules & Procedures, Section G-1.d.i, pg.11)
     i. The CQHMC shall focus its efforts in the following three areas:
     a) Church Planting
     b) Established Church Development
     c) Campus Ministry
    Church Juice website:  Everything we do here at Church Juice is meant to be an educational tool for churches. Whether it's writing case studies, blogging about the latest trends, creating resources based on best practices or helping you one-on-one, we're here to energize church communications. It's all free and we're not here to make money.  Church Juice provides articles and resources in categories such as Branding, Visitor's Perspective, Communications, Signage, Direct Mail, Worship Folders, Outreach Projects/Events, Media Relations, and Social Media. Church juice also provides grants for ideas that are new and gospel centred. Any church or ministry can apply for a grant up to $8000 US in any one of five areas:  Community, Strategy, Digital, Church Planting, Technology
Discipleship Ministries
1. Classical Youth Ministry
2. Classical Leadership Ministry Team
3. Fellowship
Service Ministries